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Entrance of the queen's temple, Abu Simbel;
Slab with the name of Rameses II, Karnak;
a hieroglyph in the white chapel, Karnak;
the god Ptah, queen's temple, Abu Simbel;
Sekhmet, Lady of epidemics, Ptah temple, Karnak
Sethy the first cartouche, Karnak
Stela from the vice-king of Koush, Iouny, at Abou Simbel
The royal butler Rameses-Ashahebsed's stela at Abou Simbel
Nomarch tombs in Assuan
Carvings in the entrance of Heqa-ib's tomb in Assuan: the landlord welcomes the visitor.
A relief from the Ramesseum (Thebes): a door in the Temple. Ramesses the IIth asks any priest who would enter to be pure
Your standard sunset in Luxor.
Saqqarah, Mererouka's tomb: the defunct infront of his altar, coming through the false door to eat his funerary meal.
Luxor Temple. The procession of fattened bulls. The animals, doomed to be sacrificated, symbolize the traditional foes of Egypt. They bear masks in the likeness of those on their heads. The horns of the first bull have been carved to look like arms ; bulls with similar twisted horns can be seen in modern Sudan.
All pictures by J. F. Rosmorduc.